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We are a professional fightsports & soccer management agency located in Dortmund, Germany.

Due to several years of experiences in promoting, business consulting and management we render our services to fighters, soccerplayers, managers, teams, gyms and promoters.

We are connected to many domestic and abroad located sports professionals.

The range of fightsports we act in is very diversified. We cover K-1, Kickboxing, Muay Thai/Thaiboxing and MMA. We also act in the soccer business.

Furthermore we accompany soccertalents within the soccer division.

Upon request we mediate international fightsportsstars & many top soccer players (german Bundesliga and international first divisions) for the purpose of Testimonial- & VIP Bookings.

Starcreator is affiliated with the german K-1StarsLive®Group, one of the best known international acting brands in the world of fightsports.

Don`t hesitate to contact us.

According to legal matters, we highlight that we are not performing any legal or taxadvisory activities. These jobs are performed by our partners (lawyers and taxconsultants).

StarMediator VIP Arrangements:

Remy Bonjasky Ernesto Hoost Peter Aerts Stefan Leko Danyo Ilunga
Rob Kaman        
Copyright pictures Mediation Request 6 VIP`s and many more available! Engagements for different activities.

StarCreator covers:

Asmir Burgic Business Consulting Commercial Services Consulting Danyo Ilunga Ernesto Hoost Events Fighter Management Fighter Manager Fightermanagement Fighterpromotion Fighters Fighters Scouting Fighterserach Fightsport Management Fightsport Scouting Fightsport Services Fightsports Janosch Nietlispach K-1 K-1 Management Kamal El Amrani Kampfsportmanagement Karim Allouss Kickboxing Kämpfermanagement. Fights MMA MMA Management Management Martial Arts Muay Thai Peter Aerts Player Agent Playermanager Remy Bonjasky Rob Kaman Scouting Soccer Soccer Management Sportsmanagement Stefan Leko Thaiboxing Thaiboxing Management Trials advisory analysis of gym performance carreer planning commercial support consulting for gyms eventsupport fightersearch first divisions german Bundesliga improvement of businessperformance logoservices mediation mediation of top soccerplayers offer organisational support placement search sponsorsearch talentscouting webservices workshop management

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