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Data security

Responsible for the data security/privacy is Frank Mach, Am Spörkel 67, 44227 Dortmund, Manager: Frank Mach. Further details are to be found in the imprint.

Data security

The protection of personal data at inquiry, within the work process and usage, according to the visit of our website, is one of the most important topics for us. Your data will be protected according to exsisting lawrequirements. Hereafter you will find informations about which data is collected and how it is used:

1. Enquiry and processing of data
Every single access and visit of our website will be documented. The storage is necessary for internal and statistic purpose. Protocolled are: Name of the called files, date and time, transferred data, message of successful call of data, Webbrowser and requesting domain.

Additionally the IP addresses of the requesting PCs are protocolled/stored.

Further more related personal data are only stored, if submitted voluntary or in the case of enquiry or registration.

2. Usage and forwarding of personal data
In the case that you provided us with personal data, we are only using them in answering questions , processing the orders entered into, with us or technical support.

Your personal data will only be forwarded to third parties, in order to fullfil the orderprocessing, i.e. forwarding for agents contacts, when it is necessary to do so. We also use it for invoicing our services or when you agreed to this matter before. You are in the position to terminate the agreement for the future, at any time.

Your personal data will be erased immediately, when you terminate the agreement with us or if we do not need your personal data for the fullfilment of orders any more, i.e. in cases of legal matters (for example violation of legal matters).

3. Information rights
Upon written request, we will forward detailed description about the stored data connected to your person.

We are willing to protect all your personal data via best storage (technical and organisatorical wise), in order to prevent access by third parties that are not authorized to get access to the data. In communicating via emails, we can not assure the absolute data security. In the case of strictly confidental data, please use letter post.

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